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Hello world!

Website just moved to a new host today. For historical reasons I brought over the old posts. A app update is in the works, stay tuned.

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Version 1.6.0

Latest version of Meteor Shower Guide has been released to the Apple App store.  Page is still showing the last version as I write but it should update soon. Almost one year from the last release this version addresses two … Continue reading

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Version 1.5.0

August 7th the latest version of Meteor Shower Guide was released to the App Store. The new version features a revised layout and color theme.  Moon phase graphics were expanded to cover each day of moon age. Unfortunately I did … Continue reading

Perseids 2013: When To Watch

Every night from now until mid August you can catch a Perseid meteor.  As the shower approaches maximum, this year on Monday, August 12th for North America, the show gets better.  While its fun to see a few meteors streak … Continue reading

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Version 1.4.0

Meteor Shower Guide version 1.4.0 has been submitted for review and will be available for update in the next week.  This version supports the iPhone 5 screen size.  But, because of this update the minimum version of iOS  required has … Continue reading

Approaching the Perseids

As July ends Earth approaches the Perseid meteoriod stream. That sounds rather complicated but its not. A meteoriod stream is somewhat like a jet contrail. With the right conditions a jet leaves a trail of water vapor behind, the trailing … Continue reading

April’s Big Shower

This weekend the Lyrid meteor shower will peak. With a new moon and the maximum occurring on a weekend the timing couldn’t be better for meteor watching. Everyone should get out and watch. What can you expect to see? Hard … Continue reading

New Version In Review

Meteor Shower Guide version 1.3.0 has been submitted to the app store for approval and is waiting for review. Whats changed in this version: New: added the moon rise and set times to the shower detail page. New: a new … Continue reading

Calendar Reminder Settings

I’ve had a few reports where Meteor Shower Guide freezes when attempting to add a meteor shower alert. It appears this happens when the default calendar is set to something other than a iCalendar. Simply changing your default calendar fixes … Continue reading